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Rodgers Forge Real Estate with Guerilla Realty


Just north of the Baltimore City line and oh-so-desirable for young families, the Rodgers Forge neighborhood has real estate that can inspire nostalgia. The community has a small town vibe complete with flags, lemonade stands, and top notch playgrounds. Known affectionately as "The Forge", it's a place that you should have on your radar if you need a clutch location. 



Rodgers Forge House on Dunkirk



Most of the houses in Rodgers Forge were built in the 1940's and 1950's and experience as the suburban version of the classic Baltimore brick rowhouse. If you are in the market for a Rodgers Forge residence this year the average sale price has climbed to $307,000 which is a 5% increase from the average $292,000 pricing of 2015. 



Eden in Rodgers Forge



Purchase price is tied to the number of bedrooms, the 2016 average sold price of a classic three bedroom townhouse in Rodgers Forge is still $289,000 - so if you are paying beyond that threshold you should expect some improvements in the property including renovated kitchens and bathrooms, finished basements or a deck in the backyard. 



Red Door Blue Door Rodgers Forge



So far in 2016 roughly the same amount of Rodgers Forge inventory is hitting the market however the properties are selling 25% faster than previous year. This means as a buyer you need to be prepared to jump as 1/3 of the properties are going under contract within the first ten days. 



Rodger Forge Backyard



If you are getting ready to sell your property, you should anticipate your buyer will be purchasing your home using a conventional loan. Five out of every six properties sold are "going conventional". While you'll see some FHA financing and some cash deals, the average Rodgers Forge buyer seems to be taking advantage of the low-downpayment options +  great rates available and likely looking to avoid the mortgage insurance premiums that you find in FHA loans. 




Rodgers Forge House on Hopkins



As a buyer, what type of price should you expect to negotiate? In 2016 the average Rodgers Forge seller is achieving 97.5% of their original list price. While this is merely a guideline, its helpful to know that the discount you may be able to negotiate will be modest - assuming the house is priced appropriately. 




Rodger Forge bumper sticker



You may find yourself in a position of making a full price offer if the house is updated + just listed.  You are not just purchasing a home when you buy in Rodgers Forge, you are also affording yourself access to some of Baltimore Counties best schools, and for some buyers that amenity is a huge value-add. 




Rodgers Forge elementary school



At guerilla realty, we've gotten to know Rodgers Forge quite well this year.


Guerilla Realty Office in Rodgers Forge

Our office is located within the Rodgers Forge community at 6600 York Rd suite 100 Baltimore Maryland 21212. We've shown and sold properties in Rodgers Forge, Anneslie, and Cedarcroft. For our clients the lure of Rodgers Forge is not just the schools and the convenient location, it is also the huge savings in property taxes. Property taxes in Baltimore County are half the rate you'll pay in Baltimore City, which translates to a savings of thousands of dollars every single year. 




Rodgers Forge Tot Lot



The Rodgers Forge Tot Lot is a happening place! I've had the pleasure of taking my daughter to the park on many sunny days this summer. For me its a stroller ride from our office. On any given day you'll find a mix of parents, nanny's, and grandparents with their children at the playground. Its a fun destination. In addition to tip-top playground equipment your kids will love the sandbox that is generously filled with toys that everyone can use.




Rodgers Forge coffee mug note




The spirit of the neighborhood is sweeter than you might be used to, particularly if you've been an urban dweller. People post notes for each other on fences. Cars are parked with their windows down. Strollers are left in front yards. Alleys are planted with flowers. Flags are flown. Political yard signs are installed by families who have a variety of political leanings. Streets are sometimes closed for neighborhood block parties. Your privacy will be respected, but you'll know that people are looking out for each other. If you are looking for an old-fashioned neighborhood, you've come to the right place. 




Forge Ahead sign




Rodgers Forge has a thoughtful neighborhood association that works to carefully maintain the community. A number of festive events are put on by the association each year. As a new property owner they'll be the first to welcome you to the community. 







Rodgers Forge should be seen in person, and we'd be glad to give you the tour. We've met Rodgers Forge residents who've lived in the neighborhood for decades as well as new community members from California,  New York, Texas, and Germany. From time to time we even see true urbanites at the playground. Rodgers Forge real estate remains an ideal option for families wanting the benefits of Baltimore County schools and the proximety to Baltimore City resources. 




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