The Baltimore Maryland Agent: Getting the Most Money for Your House in Baltimore Maryland

Getting the Most Money for Your House in Baltimore Maryland

Getting the most money for your house in Baltimore Maryland - if you're searching for this phrase than you've come to the right place. 100% of my seller clients in the last 7 years have tasked me with achieving the highest price the market will yield in Baltimore, Maryland.

While every selling situation is unique, the following considerations are crucial if you want to or need to sell your home in Baltimore Maryland and you're looking for top dollar.


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Know your Numbers

What is the current debt on your property? Are there any liens? What is the current tax assessed value? Is there a ground rent - and if so what would it take to extinguish it? How much land conveys with the property? Are there any HOA dues? What is the estimated net proceeds after you pay real estate commissions? What are the estimated settlement costs? Knowledge is power. The right agent will mine for this information with you - it's the best way to outline the sale objectives.


Get Ready for your Close-Up

 Without exception, the name of the game is stunning photographs. Please note I've used the word "stunning". Getting the most money for your house in Baltimore requires nothing short of exceptional photographs. If your agent is not using a professional photographer, they are doing you a disservice. Houses that are free of personal objects and clutter photograph the best. Move out at least 50% of your stuff. My favorite way to do this is with a POD.

When my clients are unsure of what to remove, I have them snap pictures on their smartphones. Doing this puts you into the mindset of the buyer. Does the property look desirable to you? If not, keep working. You may need to paint. You may need a landscaping team. You may need to hire a professional stager. I recently advised a client to have their driveway repaved. Why? The old driveway looked awful in my preliminary photographs. All of these expenses are well worth it if you intend to get the most money for your house in Baltimore. These costs fall under the "it takes money to make money" category. There is a reason why this expression rings true.

Why am I so focused on photographs? You are reading an online article right now. I have no doubt that you will look at real estate online - and you will rely on the pictures when you decide whether an asking price is fair. It's something people do unconsciously.


Hire the Agent that Impresses You the Most

Your agent is the spokesperson for your property. I believe a good rapport matters. Are they a good listener? Is it difficult to reach them on the phone? Test their lines of communication. They don't need to be the neighborhood specialist, they need to have a professional demeanor that impresses you. In addition to being the spokesperson, they are also going to be your negotiator. If you can talk them into working for a reduced commission, I think there is a good chance they'll bring you less $$$ for your house.  They give in when they should hold out - after all they've just demonstrated this to you.


The Need for Speed

Getting the most money for your house in Baltimore Maryland requires speed of execution. In my office 49% of our listings are selling in the first 30 days - most in the first two weeks. Want to know what agents really think about stale listings? Click here. I choose to work with Coldwell Banker because they have a 96% brand recognition with consumers. The best way to sell fast is with a compelling asking price paired with stunning photographs. A compelling price is a much much better way to get the most money for your house in Baltimore than taking a wait and see approach. A compelling price may lead to multiple offers in Baltimore, Maryland

Don't plan on a price reduction. This line of reasoning will have a negative impact on your sale proceeds. 


Can you Recognize a Great Deal?

Within your zipcode, what is the data? What is the percentage of sold price to original list price? What are the comps from the past 90 days that an appraiser is most likely to consider? What type of loans are people using the most? That offer that you think is lackluster may in fact be very strong.The terms of the offer will factor into this evaluation. It would be a shame if you declined the most money for your house in Baltimore, Maryland. Over my career I've seen sellers turn down strong offers only to sit on the market and ultimately lose money. It always seems so foolish in hindsight. Don't guess at a good result, make certain you are able to recognize a great deal - even if you want more. There's nothing wrong with wanting more, I'd just save it for wistful thinking as opposed to sabotaging your own transaction.


In conclusion, getting the most money for your house in Baltimore requires; hard numbers, stunning photographs, a real estate agent that impresses you, speed of execution, and the ability to recognize a great deal. That's the formula - works everytime.


Rachel Rabinowitz

Broker / Owner Guerilla Realty  and

Vice President Tranzon Fox Auctions

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